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on Employment Law

Employers have a basic right to terminate the employment of a worker. But employers ought to be candid, reasonable, honest and forthright and should refrain from engaging in conduct that is unfair or in bad faith. Learn more about Employment Law.

on Wills & Estates

A Story

Uncle Joe was separated from his wife. She had children; he did not. He gave his niece a power of attorney while he was alive. Now he has passed on, without remembering to make a will. Who benefits? To what extent? The law differs from one province to another. Learn more about Wills & Estates.

on Criminal Law

Manitoba is one of the provinces with the toughest stance on drinking and driving. It is no easy matter to have a driver's licence restored once taken away, and can be extremely expensive as well.

A person may be denied entry from Canada to the U.S. after even a single conviction as an adult for:

  • Fraud
  • Larceny
  • Intent to harm persons or things

...regardless of the circumstances of what occurred. Learn more about Criminal Law.

on Family Law

A Story

Billy and Sharon were a happy couple until Sharon's mother died and left quite a large sum to Sharon. They used the money for a hefty down payment on a home, registered in both their names. Eventually unpleasant times arrived, they decided to sell the home and split up. How should they divide the proceeds? Learn more about Family Law.

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