Frank N. Coniglio - Smordin, Pauls & Associates

Frank N. Coniglio

Tel: 204-944-0603

Cell: 204-228-5458

Frank has two decades of legal experience in courtrooms handling criminal and family law cases throughout the Province. He has skillfully defended those accused of assault, theft, fraud, drug offences and all types of driving offences (including Impaired Driving, Breathalyzer Refusal and Suspended Driving), invariably achieving a favourable outcome in their cases.  Throughout his career, Frank has also successfully represented countless clients in relation to divorces, separations and property related matters.

The secret - he listens to his clients, he studies carefully the particulars as to what supposedly happened, he researches the law thoroughly, and he works tirelessly. What more could a client want?

Frank is happily wedded to his lovely wife Peggy who readily tolerates his intensive and very time-consuming devotion to his many clients, along with his love for soccer and golf.

Frank is available 24-7. His cell phone is always on.